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Terry Moore is the popular creator of Strangers in Paradise and Echo. His new creator-owned book, Rachel Rising, is listed this month from Abstract Studios. Westfield’s Roger Ash contacted Terry to learn more about the book.

Rachel Rising

Westfield: What was the genesis of Rachel Rising?

Terry Moore: When I was writing Birds of Prey I came up with this character I wanted to introduce to the series, somebody new that the Bat fam would have a hard time understanding. Her working name was “deadgirl”. I left the series and kept deadgirl in my mind for later. She’s been a favorite of mine for years, waiting her turn. now her time has come and her name is Rachel.

Westfield: What can you tells us about the set up for the series and what can people look forward to in the story?

Moore: You can look forward to a girl who will not die, despite several awful attempts. Nope, not a zombie thing, nor a ghost thing. I have a new twist, and scenes in my head that kick butt and give me the chills. The series begins with Rachel waking up on a grave—her grave— then investigating her own murder.

Westfield: aside from Rachel, who are some of the other characters in the series?

Moore: I think I’d rather wait for you to meet them honestly, as the story presents them, because it’s part of the ride, how they strike you at first and how that impression changes through the story.

Westfield: I read, I believe on your Facebook page, that you’re thinking of drawing Rachel Rising in pencil only. Is that something you’re still considering and what appeals to you about doing that?

Moore: I would like that. It would allow me to work in tones and shades. Some guys work that way to great effect, but they are better artists than me. I’m not convinced I can pull it off yet. Still working on it.

Westfield: When the time is right, do you know how you want the story to end?

Moore: honestly I haven’t thought about it because I’ve always seen this as an ongoing series. I guess it’s over when everybody’s dead. That would do it, eh?

Westfield: You’re known for your strong lead female characters. What appeals to you about writing women?

Moore: After I write about women, I get to draw them. I’d much rather draw women than men. If I was really good at drawing men but lousy at drawing women, I don’t think I would bother drawing at all. just the way I’m wired, I suppose. I hated going into the men’s shower in school, too.

Terry Moore’s Echo: The complete Edition

Westfield: aside from Rachel Rising, you’re also offering a complete Echo collection. What can you tell us about it?

Moore: expect a one volume this summer, about 600 pages, for a low price. I want everybody to have one, especially me. I’m saving up for my copy now.

Westfield: any closing comments?

Moore: I love making comics. thanks for helping me continue to do so.


Rachel Rising #1

Terry Moore’s Echo: The complete edition SC

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