Archie Comics Moves From Riverdale to Superheroes

The January problem of the diamond Previews preordering catalog has an strange discrepancy when it comes to Archie Comics offerings.

They’re promoting two new titles in their Dark Circle Comics superhero line, The Black Hood #2 (with three variant covers) and the relaunch of The Fox with a new #1 (and five variant covers).

The Fox #1 cover by Dean Haspiel

However, when you look at their comic offerings — products that aren’t digests or paperback collections or magazines — there are NO core titles listed. No Archie, and no Betty and Veronica, which were the only two left. The video game titles — Mega guy and different Sonic products — are still ongoing, though.

Has Archie lastly decided that they don’t requirement to pay for new material in the Riverdale universe, since they can run their digests and collections for many years on reprints? The February Previews is due out soon, so I assumption I’ll have to inspect there to see if this is a temporarily hiatus.

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