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Delilah S. Dawson is a novelist as well as writer of such comics as Ladycastle, star Wars: Forces of Destiny, as well as experience Time. Her latest comic from BOOM! Studios is Sparrowhawk, a Victorian fantasy featuring wonderful creatures as well as great deals of punching. Dawson shares more about this fun new series with Westfield’s Roger Ash.

Character style by Matias Basla

Westfield: What was the genesis of Sparrowhawk?

Delilah S. Dawson: Back in 2011, I tore with a copy of savage Beauty, as well as Alexander McQueen’s styles spurred me to produce something amazing as well as fierce as well as magical. I tried to compose a young adult book about a teen woman who fell into Faerie as well as had to fight her method out, however the magic stayed elusive, as well as I never completed it. then I got into composing comics as well as realized I’d lastly discovered the medium to integrate the visuals of savage beauty with a dark version of Alice in Wonderland as well as the genuine life figure of Dido Elizabeth Belle.

Sparrowhawk #1 preview page 1

Westfield: What can you tell us about the protagonist of the series, Artemesia, as well as who are a few of the other characters she’ll meet?

Dawson: Art is above all things a survivor. While her stepsisters discovered piano as well as dancing, she sat outside in a tree, rejected however watching, preferring horses as well as play-fighting with regional boys to ladylike graces. when she’s pulled into Faerie, she must depend upon her cunning as well as cutthroat commitment to make it through if she wishes to get home–and save her entire world. The very first creature she satisfies is Crispin the Wolpertinger, her untrustworthy guide to Faerie as well as the Giles to her Buffy. She almost kills the Faerie Queen’s least preferred son, Warren, as well as finds a heart of gold deep in the terrifying Beast of Dean. The creatures in Faerie are definitely not what they seem.

Sparrowhawk #1 preview page 2

Westfield: What can visitors look ahead to in the story?

Dawson: I believe the pitch states it all: Fairy fight club. At the heart of it, Art must kill her method to freedom, all the while understanding that the location she’s fighting for doesn’t even value her. She finds herself in the struggle, as well as anyone who has felt rejected by their household or who has selected a different destiny than the one they were born to will relate. They can likewise look ahead to amazing creatures, rich visuals, as well as bloody fight scenes. It’s all about triumphing, fiercely.

Sparrowhawk #1 preview page 3

Westfield: You’re working with artist Matias Basla on the book. What can you state about your collaboration?

Dawson: Matias truly brings these character as well as this world to vicious, gorgeous life. I was stunned by his character designs, which provided a new level of savage beauty to my story. I like that I can explain an evil fairy with so few words as well as have him produce something even more intricate, dark, as well as interesting than I’d imagined. His color combination is perfect, as well as the pages just suck you right in. It reminds me of those bit ‘grow your own crystals’ kits you can buy, where bit nubbins turn into creepy, goblinesque, hypercolor crystalline structures!

Sparrowhawk #1 preview page 4

Westfield: Sparrowhawk takes location in England in 1851. exactly how much research study did you do on the setting?

Dawson: I always state that I don’t compose historical fiction– I compose speculative fiction. My worlds are more… history adjacent. So my research study offers with deep on the internet Google dives as well as watching tons of Jane Austen movies. I checked out into the life of Dido Elizabeth Belle however modified her history somewhat, hence the truth that Art ended up being Art. I was particularly fascinated by the Crystal palace as well as the story of the fight it out of Wellington as well as the sparrowhawks, which was the motivation for the book’s title.

Character style by Matias Basla

Westfield: On the other hand, there’s likewise a fantasy realm. exactly how much world building did you do for that?

Dawson: My worldbuilding for Faerie is a lifetime of reading as well as media consumption. You’ll see flashes of Wonderland, Edward Gorey, Labyrinth, the Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, as well as even Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones. One scene was influenced by a path trip when I got whomped in the head with a branch as well as perhaps kinda hallucinated on horseback. I’m quite much a magpie who likes shoving things together in a weird continuous game of Exquisite Corpse.

Westfield: any type of closing comments?

Dawson: If you’d like to punch an evil fairy in the deal with as well as take their power, I hope you’ll provide it a shot!

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