Band of Horses got their start as a solid indie rock band, with gritty music and vocals that were just a little rougher than death Cab for Cutie. They made their name with soaring singles like funeral and Is There a Ghost. They did not make hits. They were not radio ready. and that’s what made them so interesting. They then moved closer to Americana/Country rock before taking a hard best turn with albums like unlimited Arms and Mirage Rock, which were clearly the opposite: Well-crafted songs with fairly traditional, available melodies and hooks. Their fans pushed back a little.

Now, with their fifth album, Band of Horses seems to have embraced…All of it. Why Are You OK? has AM radio, country rock, indie, and radio-friendly singles. It can feel a little like a hodge podge because of it, but in all, the album is a fine listen.

Don’t believe me? check out how much they want you to hear it, with lots of offerings on Soundcloud showing the breadth of the record. My personal fave is Solemn Vow, but check out what’s below…And even much more is here.

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